Twice Brewed

Winshields campsite is in Twice Brewed , aka Once Brewed.

Basically they are the same place . Couple of farmhouses and the Twicebrewed Inn .

The Twice Brewed Inn , the pub , is a 5 minutes walk along the road.

The Sill visitor centre is next to the pub.

Steel Rigg is around a mile away . And if you walk from the campsite up the hill to Hadrians Wall and head East , it takes about 30 minutes.

Sycamore Gap is another 30 minutes walking east from Steel Rigg.

Housesteads is a 40 minutes walk from Sycamore Gap.

You can catch the AD 122 bus - the Hadrian's Wall bus , too or from Housesteads .

The bus will stop at The Sill and pub.

Vindolanda is nearby , around 30 minutes walk across fields , or along the road. Please note that the main road can be busy .

The Hadrians Wall bus AD122 will take you there , but it runs around every hour , walking may be quicker.